About Penn

About Penn

One of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the world and a tradition of success.

History of Excellence

Founded in 1740, the University of Pennsylvania has been a staple of Philadelphia’s world-class higher education for over 270 years. Benjamin Franklin was instrumental in the solidification of the University in 1749, making sure to include in his “Proposals Relating to the Education of Youth” a sequence which reads, “That to keep them in Health, and to strengthen and render active their Bodies, they be frequently exercis’d in Running, Leaping, Wrestling, and Swimming…” More than 250 years after its founding, the University of Pennsylvania continues to achieve excellence in research and education.

The Nation’s First

Penn’s heritage is likewise reflected in its landscape, where a vibrant, 302-acre, urban campus boasts more than 200 buildings and many notable landmarks, including Houston Hall, the nation’s first student union; Franklin Field, the country’s first double-decked college football stadium; and 165 research centers and institutes. The University of Pennsylvania remains an eminent, world-class institution for the creation and dissemination of knowledge, serving as a model for colleges and universities throughout the world. Penn also founded collegiate wrestling, hosting the 1st college wrestling tournament ever in 1905, and thereby being the oldest continuous wrestling program in the nation.

A Rich Tradition

Combining the best academic and wrestling opportunities in the region, with individuals who have gone on to achieve the highest levels of NCAA and Olympic Success, there is a rich tradition combined with tremendous forward thinking leaders who are dedicated to building a pathway to success both on and off the mats for the most dedicated wrestlers in the region.

Two of the Nation’s Finest

Penn is joining Drexel University to provide athletes with a unique opportunity to train in Philadelphia. Powered by the combined efforts of these two esteemed programs, there is no other RTC in the nation that can provide the particular benefits of these two institutions. See the Penn and Drexel training facilities.

  • The University of Pennsylvania was founded in 1740, by Ben Franklin. Amongst a great many "firsts" in higher education, Penn's innovations include the world's first computer, first business school, first medical school and teaching hospital. A member of the prestigious Ivy League, Penn was recognized as the #4 ranked college in the nation by The Wall Street Journal College rankings. In 1905, and as another "first", Penn hosted the 1st ever college Wrestling tournament, and now enters its 113th consecutive season.

    Roger Reina
    Head Coach, University of Pennsylvania, Winningest Coach in Penn History, USA Wrestling Silver Certified Coach

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