Partners & Affiliates

Partners & Affiliates

Our relationship with our partners enable a growing wrestling community in Philadelphia and beyond.

Beat the Streets

Beat the Streets Philadelphia partners with local schools and communities to establish and sponsor wrestling programs in some of the most underserved neighborhoods in and around Philadelphia. Wrestling enables student-athletes to grasp the importance of respect, hard work, discipline, sacrifice, teamwork, and the concept of accountability – all critical factors in character development. To complement our wrestling programs and further aid in that process of character development, Beat the Streets Philadelphia has developed a Mentoring Program that provides personalized support for the most engaged of our student-athletes. Mentors meet with their student on a weekly basis to provide support that is specific to each student’s needs including academic tutoring, preparation for a variety of standardized tests, and career and educational guidance in addition to focusing on the development of standard “life” skills.

Wrestlers in Business Network Philadelphia Chapter

The Wrestlers in Business Network Philadelphia Chapter is a non-profit networking group for everyone that is passionate about the sport of wrestling. They are dedicated to advancing careers, businesses, personal growth, and the sport that we all love. Simply put, WIBN uses the common bond of wrestling to achieve great things for all members and the sport.

USA Wrestling

Pennsylvania RTC is created under the rules of USA Wrestling. In conjunction with its state associations USA Wrestling offers training opportunities for all USA Wrestling members, through a growing system of Regional Training Centers.

The purpose of the RTC system is to provide young wrestlers available locations to actively train in the sport of wrestling year round. Very often, wrestlers have the desire to deepen their commitment to attain higher goals. However, many wrestlers cannot find an active club or quality workout partners. The RTC system aims to help these aspiring wrestlers.

If you’re interested in learning more about the RTC system, learn more here.

  • BTSP is fortunate to have the support of a top tier Olympic Regional Training Center in the center of Philadelphia. We have a wrestling eco-system of organizations that now includes UPenn, Drexel, PRTC, and BTSP. Having a partnership with Brandon Slay and the PRTC athletes is invaluable to the individuals we serve at BTSP. PRTC athletes volunteer their time as wrestling clinicians, and most notably mentors for wrestlers across all 28 of our programs. The impact BTSP has on our student-athletes would be incomplete without the continued commitment to service offered by everyone at the PRTC. This is a great time to be a wrestler in the Philadelphia region.

    James Mangan
    Executive Director, Beat the Streets Philadelphia

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