Prtc Finishes With Seven All-americans at U23/u20 World Team Trials in Geneva, Ohio

Published June 6th, 2022 by PRTC Wrestling

Geneva, Ohio – The PRTC finished with two top 6 team placings and seven All-Americans at the U23/U20 World Team Trials this past weekend. With 34 athletes making the trip from Philadelphia to Geneva, Ohio, a full effort was given by all.

“What impressed me the most was that we had 34 athletes who were passionate enough about Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling to dedicate part of their off-season training to compete at the World Team Trials,” said Coach Bryan Pearsall of the wrestlers who traveled west. “That is a huge commitment that shouldn’t go without praise.”

Prtc Finishes With Seven All-americans at U23/u20 World Team Trials in Geneva, Ohio

Starting on Friday, three athletes entered the U23 Greco-Roman division with all three attaining All-American status. Leading the way, Jake Hendricks placed 2nd at 82kg. Hendricks went 4-2 while dropping the best of three final series one match to two against Tyler Cunningham of MWC Wrestling Academy.

Jake Hendricks, 82kg Greco Silver Medalist

Jeremy Ridge had just one loss on the day as he placed third at 72kg. Ridge outscored his opponents 27-9 enroute to the bronze medal match where he won by medical forfeit over Brody Olson of the Minnesota Storm.

Jeremy Ridge, 72kg Greco Bronze Medalist

Completing a near marathon day in Greco, Jake Stefanowicz wrestled eight matches enroute to a 4th place finish at 77kg. Stefanowicz started the day with a 8-0 tech over Dayton Hill of O Town Wrestling Club. He lost his second match before winning through the wrestlebacks all the way to the consolation final. Dropping a 0-7 decision to Terrance Parks of New York, Stefanowicz certainly put in the work over the eight hour day.

Long time PRTC Developmental athlete and official UPenn commit, Martin Cosgrove wrestled his way through to the U20 Challenge Tournament Finals. Competing at 92kg, Cosgrove was 2-1 on the day losing to Silas Allred of the Nebraska RTC in the Finals.

Martin Cosgrove, U20 Freestyle Challenge Tournament Finalist

In U23 Freestyle, Mickey O’Malley had an impressive performance making it to the Finals for the second year in a row. Going 5-2 on the weekend at 79kg, O’Malley lost the best of three series to Dustin Plott of the Cowboy RTC in the Finals.

Coach Matt Azevedo was impressed with O’Malley. “Mickey had one of his best performances this weekend,” said Azevedo. “He was aggressive and dominant all the way to the finals. Even though he fell short in the final wrestle-off, Mickey competed hard and gave himself opportunities to win. Overall, I’m very proud of Mickey!”

Mickey O’Malley, 79kg U23 Freestyle Silver Medalist

O’Malley reached All-American status again this year, joining Ryan Miller who finished fourth at 57kg and Michael Colaiocco who finished fifth at 61kg. Miller was 4-2 while Colaiocco went 8-2 over the two day Freestyle competition.

Although the PRTC does not have a U23 World Team member this year, Pearsall is optimistic about the future. “There is no questioning the trajectory of the Philadelphia Wrestling ecosystem,” he said. “All of the organizations involved are collaborating and pushing each other to “believe in better” and constantly work toward improvement on and off the mat. The PRTC plays a pivotal role in providing the ecosystem with some of the best athletes, coaches, role models, and leaders our sport has to offer…we continue to strive for excellence in everything that we do.”

PRTC Coach and UPenn Associate Head Coach Bryan Pearsall

Next up for the PRTC is Final X on Wednesday June 8th in New York City. Jordan Burroughs will be competing for a spot on the 2022 World Team while Mark Hall will be competing to secure his third place at World Team Trials and a spot on the US National Team.

Below are the PRTC final results from this year’s U23/U20 World Team Trials:

U23 Greco-Roman

5th Place overall as a team

72kg Jeremy Ridge, 3rd Place

WIN Jonah Smith, Ohio 8-0

WIN Tanner Abbas, Viking WC 10-1

LOSS Dominic Damon, NMU National Training Center 0-8

WIN Noah Roulo, Cougar WC 9-0

WIN Brody Olson, Minnesota Storm MFF

77kg Jake Stefanowicz, 4th Place

WIN Dayton Hill, O Town WC 8-0

LOSS Jake Ervien, Jr Viking WC 0-9

WIN Cordell Hunt, O Town WC 9-0

WIN Nicholas Burgard, Compound Wrestling – Great Lakes 7-4

WIN Braden Anderson, O Town WC 6-1

WIN Weston Milnes, Greco-Roman Development 4-0

WIN Jack Ervien, Jr Viking WC 4-3

LOSS Terrance Parks, New York 0-7

82kg Jake Hendricks, 2nd Place

WIN Bryce Westmoreland, Beaver WC 8-0

WIN Thomas Sell, Regional Training Center South 6-0

WIN James Foy, Minnesota Storm 5-2

LOSS Tyler Cunningham, MWC Wrestling Academy 3-11

WIN Tyler Cunningham, MWC Wrestling Academy 6-3

LOSS Tyler Cunningham, MWC Wrestling Academy 6-13

U20 Freestyle

92kg Martin Cosgrove

WIN Gabe Nagel, Gopher WC 10-0

WIN Hayden Walters, Oregon 3-2

LOSS Silas Allred, Nebraska RTC 2-10

U23 Freestyle

6th Place overall as a team

57kg Ryan Miller, 4th Place

WIN Malik Hardy, Georgia 8-4

WIN Tanner Jordan, Jackrabbit WC 11-1

WIN Caleb Smith, Boone RTC 10-3

LOSS Trevor Mastrogiovanni, Cowboy RTC 6-10

WIN Dominic Chavez, Blue Chip WC 10-1

LOSS Greg Diakomihalis, Spartan Combat RTC 0-10

57kg Antonio Mininno

LOSS Eli Griffin, California Lance RTC 0-11

WIN Joseph McMillin, Iron WC 12-2

WIN Joseph Fischer, Clarion RTC MFF

LOSS Sean Spidle, Chippewa WC 7-14

57kg Desmond Pleasant

WIN Jacob Moon, Blue & Gold WC 10-6

WIN Tom Dineen, Illinois 10-0

LOSS Trevor Mastrogiovanni, Cowboy RTC 0-10

WIN Noah Cortez, Choker Wrestling Club 15-10

LOSS Benjamin Monn, George Mason 0-10

57kg Sean Seefeldt

LOSS Sean Spidle, Chippewa WC 4-7

WIN Austin Long, Cougar WC MFF

WIN Reid Nelson, Arkansas RTC 8-7

LOSS Tanner Jordan, Jackrabbit WC 0-11

61kg Kyle Waterman

LOSS Aaron Nagao, Gopher WC 0-10

WIN Jason Garay, Charleston RTC 10-0

LOSS Derrick Cardinal, Jackrabbit WC 2-13

61kg Michael Colaiocco, 5th Place

WIN Colton Camacho, Pittsburgh WC 12-2

LOSS Dylan Shawver, SKWC 6-7

WIN Lucas Schevikhoven, Wisconsin MFF

WIN Cameron Soda, Edinboro RTC MFF

WIN Gable Strickland, Mat Town USA 12-2

WIN Ethan Oakley, Boone RTC 14-4

WIN Connor McGonagle, Lehigh Valley RTC 10-0

WIN Jace Koelzer, Northern Colorado WC 10-0

Loss Julian Tagg, Ohio 8-15

WIN Dylan Shawver, SKWC 9-7

61kg Lukas Richie

WIN Nico Messina, SKWC 20-11

LOSS Jace Koelzer, Northern Colorado WC 1-11

WIN Caleb Svingala, Bulls WC 9-3

LOSS Julian Farber, Panther WC 2-13

61kg Nico Nardone

LOSS Isaac Crowell, Pennsylvania 11-12

WIN Nicholas Minnick, Bulls WC 15-4

WIN Kase Mauger, Brunson UVRTC FALL

LOSS Carson Taylor, Viking WC 6-11

65kg Deon Pleasant

LOSS Isaac Sales, California 0-10

WIN Spencer Murphy, Oliver WC 12-0

LOSS Drew Bennett, Hawkeye WC 2-14

65kg Kelly Dunnigan

LOSS Kyren Butler, Cavalier WC 4-6

LOSS Cayden Henschel, Askren Wrestling Academy 17-17

65kg Carmen Ferrante

WIN Braden Ledford, O Town WC 11-0

LOSS Joshua Saunders, Spartan Combat RTC 3-13

LOSS David Evans, Nittany Lion WC 7-8

65kg Kyle Hauserman

WIN Alec McDoulett, Oklahoma 11-0

WIN Patrick Schellpfeffer, George Mason 11-0

LOSS Shannon Hanna, Buies Creek WC 2-6

WIN Ryan Burgos, Edinboro RTC 10-0

LOSS Gabriel Tagg, Jackrabbit WC 2-12

70kg Gabe Onorato

LOSS Nicholas Stoltenberg, Nebraska Wrestling Training Center 2-5

LOSS Lincoln Heck, RTC South 0-10

70kg Vince Mannella

WIN Gavin Hale, Husky Elite WC 12-1

LOSS Jonathan Millner, Boone RTC 0-12

WIN Brayden Roberts, West Virginia RTC 12-2

LOSS Daniel Kimball, Jackrabbit WC 2-12

74kg Riley Onorato

LOSS Justin McCoy, Cavalier WC 0-6

LOSS Walker Heard, Mountaneer WC 1-6

74kg Tate Nichter

LOSS Alex Jacobs, Chippewa WC 0-10

WIN Stoney Buell, Boilermaker RTC 6-0

LOSS Terrell Barraclough, Nittany Lion Wrestling Club 5-15

74kg Tanner Updegraff

LOSS Mitchell Reynolds, Oliver WC 2-12

LOSS Jaden Hardick, Ohio 1-8

74kg Jeremy Ridge

WIN Jaziah Whaley, Northern Colorado WC 11-0

WIN Peter Pappas, Patriot Elite WC 12-1

WIN Marcus Robinson, Cleveland RTC 14-11

LOSS Bubba Wilson, Nebraska RTC 4-6

LOSS Matt Lee, Nittany Lion WC 0-8

74kg Cole Spencer

WIN Patrick Edmondson, Pennsylvania 14-7

LOSS Collin McCorkle, Pittsburg WC 6-6

WIN Raymond Costa, Cavalier WC 15-9

LOSS Daniel Snediker, Brunson UVRTC 2-6

74kg Cameron Connor

LOSS Sonny Santiago, Tar Heel WC 1-12

LOSS Keller Rock, Whammer Wrestling Academy 5-16

79kg Mickey O’Malley, 2nd Place

WIN Samuel Barnes, Buffalo Valley RTC FALL

WIN Najee Lockett, Golden Pride WC 9-0

WIN Troy Fisher, Illinois 10-0

WIN Tyler Stoltzfus, Mat Town USA 10-0

WIN Brennan Swafford, Hawkeye WC 5-2

LOSS Dustin Plott, Cowboy RTC 2-6

LOSS Dustin Plott, Cowboy RTC 0-8

79kg Cody Walsh

WIN Crosby Schlosser, Wisconsin FALL

LOSS Caden Ernd, Illinois 8-9

WIN Chandler Amaker, Chippewa WC FALL

WIN Matthew Kidwell, Buffalo Valley RTC 14-3

LOSS Will Miller, Boone RTC 0-10

79kg Jack Janda

WIN Luke Hooker, Wisconsin 11-0

LOSS Cael Valencia, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club 0-10

WIN Aaron McDaniel, Edinboro RTC 15-4

LOSS Carson Babcock, Panther Wrestling Club RTC 0-7

79kg Nick Incontrera

WIN Albert Urias, Central Valley RTC 10-0

WIN Will Miller, Boone RTC 16-6

WIN Evan Canoyer, Spartan Combat RTC 10-0

LOSS Dustin Plott, Cowboy RTC 0-3

LOSS Edmond Ruth, Pennsylvania 10-10

79kg Jake Stefanowicz

WIN Ankhaa Enkhmandakh, Illinois 6-5

WIN Antonio Amello, Buffalo Valley RTC 10-0

WIN John Worthing, Clarion RTC MFF

LOSS Philip Conigliaro, New England RTC 0-12

LOSS Lucas Uliano, Boone RTC 2-10

86kg Josh Stillings

WIN James Conway, Diplomat WC 11-0

LOSS Trent Hidlay, Wolfpack WC 0-10

WIN Fabio Preka, Bulls WC 10-0

WIN Kahalil Mitchell, Cougar WC 7-2

LOSS Samuel Skillings, Gopher WC 2-12

86kg Neil Antrassian

WIN Micah Ervin, Southern Illinois RTC 13-2

LOSS Zachary Braunagel, Illinois RTC 5-8

WIN Michael Ferree, Golden Pride WC 18-8

WIN AJ Burkhart, Lehigh Valley WC 11-0

LOSS Krystian Kinsey, Cavalier WC 7-17

86kg Maximus Hale

WIN Malachi Duvall, George Mason 11-0

WIN Scott Jill, Mountaineer WC 10-0

LOSS Jared Krattinger, Gopher WC 8-10

WIN Cole Rees, Buies Creek WC 10-0

WIN Hadyn Danals, Cavalier WC 11-0

LOSS Jack Jessen, Wildcat WC 0-12

86kg Jake Hendricks

WIN Aidan Johnson, Greater Heights Wrestling 10-0

LOSS Samuel Skillings, Gopher WC 6-11

WIN Reece Woracheck, Wisconsin 11-1

LOSS Cole Rees, Buies Creek WC 6-8

86kg Jesse Martinez

WIN Michael Jacobs, Michigan 11-0

LOSS Garavous Kouekabakilaho, Viking WC 0-10

WIN Joseph Lyons, Ohio FALL

WIN Carson Berryhill, Oklahoma RTC 12-2

LOSS Joey Braunagel, Illinois RTC 4-9

92kg Cole Urbas

LOSS Evan Bockman, Brunson UVRTC 8-18

LOSS Jon List, George Mason 5-16

125kg Joe Timm

LOSS Ryan Higgins, Massachusetts 0-4

LOSS John Meyers, Pennsylvania 0-5

125kg Eli Anthony

LOSS Owen Trephan, Wolfpack WC 0-10

LOSS Jacob Slinger, Pittsburgh WC 0-4

Photos by Sam Janicki

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