PRTC Launches World Championships Silent Auction

Published September 14th, 2022 by PRTC Wrestling

Autographed photos and fan packs up for bid and raffle as Jordan Burroughs and Team USA compete in Serbia.

Philadelphia, Pa – In an effort to raise awareness of their mission to enrich lives locally and globally through the sport of wrestling, the Pennsylvania Regional Training Center has launched a silent auction during the UWW World Championships this week. Autographed photos of the Senior Athletes and fan gift packs will be offered for bid and raffle until Sunday, September 19th at 9pm.

Gina Perry, wife of PRTC Senior Athlete Richard Perry, has organized the fundraising event through Click Bid, an online auction site. “Obviously, I’m a big fan of the PRTC!” says Perry. “I know there are a lot of other PRTC fans out there who would want an autographed photo of their favorite wrestler. Plus, the fan packs are pretty awesome as well!”

The online auction aligns with the PRTC’s Ambassador Campaign which started in 2021 as a means to raise funds for the 501c3 non-profit organization.

The Ambassador Campaign is a fundraising effort to help further expand the PRTC’s impact. The goal is to raise an additional $1,000,000 over the next 5 years for the PRTC. The campaign committee chose the title “Ambassador Campaign” as a tribute to Benjamin Franklin and what he represented as a treasured American icon.

The additional income from the Ambassador Campaign will help the PRTC continue to support the senior athletes with training, housing, sustainable income, injury prevention care, and healthcare insurance coverage. With increased funding, the PRTC will be able to expand its reach in helping to develop future leaders through developmental training, community outreach, and coaching initiatives.

The World Championships will be held from September 10-18. PRTC Senior Athlete Jordan Burroughs is competing for Team USA at 79kg and is on pace to break the US record of six World/Olympic Gold Medals. Winning in Serbia will put Burroughs on top with seven. He is currently tied with US legends John Smith and Adeline Gray.

The link for the PRTC World Championship Silent Auction can be found here.

Story by Kevin McGuigan

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