Drexel and Penn Prtc Athletes Compete at U20 Nationals

Published May 1st, 2023 by PRTC Wrestling

Philadelphia, Pa – Taking the opportunity to compete against some of the best athletes in the nation, wrestlers from Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania participated in the U20 Freestyle Division at the US Open last weekend. The tournament was held at South Point Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Seven student-athletes from Drexel and five from Penn made the trip west.

Evan Mougalian, a freshman at Penn and competing at 61kg, finished in the top 12 narrowly missing All-American status. He was 6-2 on the weekend defeating several high level opponents.

Jordan Soriano, a freshman at Drexel had an inspirational run at 65kg. After losing his first match, Soriano battled back through the consolation rounds also finishing with a 6-2 record.

Gabe Giampietro, another freshman at Drexel, had an impressive 3-2 record for the weekend. Giampietro, a 125lber for the Dragons, competed at 57kg in Las Vegas.

All the athletes who competed from the two Philadelphia collegiate teams represented the Pennsylvania Regional Training Center.

Here are the full results:

57kg Desmond Pleasant, 2-2

LOSS Hunt (Georgia), 17-14

WIN Hernandez (Vail), 12-1

WIN Davis (Arizona), 10-9

LOSS Houpt (Quest), 19-15

57kg Gabe Giampietro, 4-2

WIN Richards (Utah), 10-0

LOSS Spalding (Compound), 16-15

WIN Higa (Hawaii), 14-3

WIN Concepcion (Cool), 10-8

WIN Tapia (BTS), 10-0

Loss Farmer (West Point), 10-0

61kg John Hildebrandt, 1-2

LOSS Avelar (Grindhouse), FALL

WIN Landroth (Baynard), FALL

LOSS Moore (Tar Heel), 20-9

61kg Evan Mougalian, 6-2

WIN Cox (Wisconsin), FALL

WIN Qureshi (New York), 14-13

LOSS Peterson (Sebolt), 10-0

WIN Kernan (Young Guns), 14-3

WIN Exford (All In), 12-1

WIN Guanajuato (Armona), 14-3

WIN Basile (West Point), 10-0

LOSS Barreto (Pounder), 4-0

65kg Jordan Soriano, 6-2

LOSS Priest (Pitt), 11-0

WIN Hernandez (Team Thor), 10-0

WIN Termini (Charleston), 13-2

WIN Brower (Young Guns), 12-2

WIN Buesgens (Pinnacle), INJ

WIN Jerore (Michigan), 15-5

WIN Hinrichsen (Central), 12-0

LOSS Miller (DMV), 16-6

70kg Aboubakare Diaby, 1-2

WIN Mazur (Cornerstone), 12-2

LOSS Arrington (Wolfpack), 10-0

LOSS Wonser (North Dakota), 5-4

70kg Hunter Gandy, 2-2

WIN Messner (Minnesota), 11-0

LOSS McDaniel (West Point), FALL

WIN Lang (Utah), FALL

LOSS Price (Boone), 10-0

70kg Jude Swisher, 1-2

LOSS Shapiro, 13-2

WIN Swenson, 10-0

LOSS Skellenger (Idaho), 9-7

74kg Tate Nichter, 2-2

LOSS Munro (Regional), 11-0

WIN Ugalde (California), FALL

WIN McGeough (Iowa), 10-0

LOSS Hanau (West Point), 7-4

74kg Dom D’Agostino, 3-2

LOSS LaCour (Rise RTC), 10-2

WIN Licht (Askren), 13-2

WIN Lindsey (Derby), 7-4


LOSS Henckel (Blairstown), 10-0

125kg Matt Cruise, 3-2

WIN Acciardi (New Jersey), 12-2

LOSS Rasmussen (Jackrabbit), 10-0

WIN Becker (Minnesota), 10-0

WIN Carillo (Brawley), 10-0

LOSS Barket (Indiana), 10-0

Pictures by Levi Ventura

Story by Kevin McGuigan

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