Summit 3 to Highlight Wrestling Community

Published February 4th, 2022 by PRTC Wrestling

In an effort to provide competition for several senior level athletes, the Pennsylvania Regional Training Center (PRTC), along with RTCs from around the country, will be hosting Summit 3 on Monday February 7th, 2022. A total of 34 matches will be streamed live on the PRTC Rokfin Channel beginning at 4pm. The matches will run continuously until conclusion.

The Wrestlers In Business Network-Philadelphia Chapter, KForce Professional Staffing, and anonymous donors have contributed to help defray the costs of hosting this high volume, senior level competition.

Summit 3 is truly an international community event. Several nations will be represented as the RTCs travel to “Name Your Sport”, a multi-use venue located in South Jersey just fifteen minutes from Philadelphia. “Name Your Sport” is the location of previously held PRTC events Summit 1 and Summit 2. This event is not open to the public but can be seen in its entirety on Rokfin.

After a few overseas competitions were canceled in recent weeks, the coaches from the RTCs recognized a need for their athletes to compete. Summit 3 is the coming together of the wrestling community to help serve the senior level athletes in their journey through preparation and competition.

In addition to the PRTC, Lehigh Valley Wrestling Club (LVWC), Gopher RTC, Nittany Lion Wrestling Club (NLWC), Scarlet Knight Wrestling Club (SKWC), New Jersey RTC (NJRTC), Clarion RTC, Knights RTC, New York City RTC (NYCRTC), Spartan Combat RTC, New England RTC (NERTC), and the Tarheel RTC will all be competing at Summit 3.

Competition will begin promptly at 4pm featuring a local middle school match-up followed by 34 senior level matches.


Exhibition Middle School Match:


Eric Swanson (Underground WC) v Adrian Arbelo (Pride WC)

Round 1:


Darian Cruz (LVWC) v Harvey Ridings

Guessepe Rea (LVWC) v Thomas Fischer


Daniel DeShazar (Gopher RTC) v Josh Rodriguez (NLWC)

Joey Silva (SKWC) v Braden Todd


Kamal Begakov (SKWC) v Valentin Damour

Matt Kolodzik (NJRTC) v Brock Zacherl (Clarion RTC)

Tagen Jamison (Gopher RTC) v Ty Lydic (Knights RTC)


Christian Monserrat (NERTC) v Dillon Williams

Anthony Ashnault (SKRTC) v AC Headlee (Tarheel RTC)


Mitch Finesilver (NYCRTC) v Joey Lavallee (LVWC)

Kote Khabalashvilli v Irman Kang


David McFadden (PRTC) v Nestor Taffur (NYCRTC)

Devin Skatzka (Spartan Combat RTC) v Leon Peralta


Mark Hall (PRTC) v Drew Morgan (Spartan Combat RTC)

Owen Webster (Gopher RTC) v Jordan Pagano (SKRTC)


Scottie Boykin (Spartan Combat RTC) v Zbigniew Baranowski (NJRTC)


Hayden Zillmer (Gopher RTC) v Ceron Francisco (NLWC)

Round 2:


Darian Cruz (LVWC) v Thomas Fischer

Guessepe Rea (LVWC) v Harvey Ridings


Daniel DeShazar (Gopher RTC) v Joey Silva (SKWC)

Josh Rodriguez (NLWC) v Braden Todd


Matt Kolodzik (NJRTC) v Tagen Jamison (Gopher RTC)

Brock Zacherl (Clarion RTC) v Kamal Begakov (SKWC)


Christian Monserrat (NERTC) v AC Headlee (Tarheel RTC)

Anthony Ashnault (SKRTC) v Ty Lydic (Knights RTC)


Nestor Taffur (NYCRTC) v Joey Lavallee (LVWC)

Mitch Finesilver (NYCRTC) v Irman Kang

Leon Peralta v Kote Khabalashvilli


David McFadden (PRTC) v Devin Skatzka (Spartan Combat RTC)


Mark Hall (PRTC) v Owen Webster (Gopher RTC)

Drew Morgan (Spartan Combat RTC) v Jordan Pagano (SKRTC)


Scottie Boykin (Spartan Combat RTC) v Nate Jackson (NJRTC)


Hayden Zillmer (Gopher RTC) v Ceron Francisco (NLWC)

Yousif Hemida (Spartan Combat RTC) v Zbigniew Baranowski (NJRTC)

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